• lady scarlet

An international dream

I see Mistress coming and I go to help her carrying the bag. We arrive inside and Mistress tell me to take away my trousers and ask me if i have ever been fucked in my ass? I say yes Mistress many times, and she goes and takes a medium size dildo and commands me kn my knees. The Mistress is surprised how easily the dildo enters my hole and after a little while she goes and takes a bigger toy and then even bigger and bigger. After my hole is nice and loose she starts to give me fisting. The fist enter wrist deep and Mistress starts to move it in and out my hole telling me how huge slut i am and that she will now completely destroy my hole so it will never be back to normal. Then se star to fit also the other fist inside. After awhile i have both of her fists inside my fuck hole and she is laughing while i moan. Then Mistress puts me in a position where i am on my back legs and ass out in the air and my little cock is pointing on my face. Mistress is on top of me fisting my ass and says I have been so good whore that i deserve a prize. She takes the fist away from my hole and starts to pee on my ass and in my gaping hole. Then she moves a bit so she can pee also on my face and tells me to open my mouth also. After that Mistress start to fist my ass again and tells me to start wanking my tiny cock because Mistress want to see me cum in my own mouth. Mistress keeps on fisting my hole so hard until i shoot a huge load of warm cum in my mouth and on my face. I am all covered in piss and cum and Mistress tells me I have been a good slave and then goes away and leaves me laying there in the mess.

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